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"If cookies are wrong, we don't wanna be right!"


About Us

Your cookies taste so good!!  Did you really make these cookies from scratch? This is the best cookie ever!!  Your cookies make me smile!!

Compliments like these ignited the creation of Donevette's Confections.  

We were tired of refrigerated cookie dough and cookies that sit on the store shelves until expiration.  Being picky cookie eaters, we started making cookies at home from scratch.  Through trial, error, and tastings we finally made the perfect cookie. Big, delicious cookies with a soft center and crispy edges. Friends and family couldn't get enough of our cookies. So we created Donevette's Confections to share our delicious cookies with all of you.  We hope you enjoy our cookies as much as we do.


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Allergen Information

All baked goods may contain or have come in contact with milk, eggs, wheat, soy, honey, peanuts, tree nuts, or fish.



Come see us at some of Florida's Best Farmer's Markets!

Winter Garden Farmers Market

Orlando Farmers  Market

Apopka Farmers Market

Lake Nona Farmers Market 

If cookies are wrong, we don't wanna be right!

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